Hisense North American Media Tour

Hisense invited eight media journalists from United States, Canada and Mexico to visit Hisense from October 23rd to 27th. These journalists are from well-known media of consumer electronics industry, including senior editor, freelance writer, editorial director and YouTube influencer. The tour was positively received, with many of the journalists being impressed by the breadth of Hisense technology. They paid a visit to Hisense R&D Center, Hisense Information Industrial Park, major retail stores, etc. Articles released by journalists will focus on various aspects, such as enterprise culture, business scale, overseas business expansion and etc.

Journalists went to Hisense R&D Center and visited IDC, EMC Lab, Quality Testing Lab, Medical Display and Smart Transportation Showroom on Oct 24th and visited Hisense Information Industrial Park, Hisense retail stores on Oct 25th. After seeing the environmental testing of Hisense TV, Journalists were shocked at the level of heat and cold testing Hisense put its televisions through. They were impressed with the quality of Hisense TV and in the meantime, multiple reporters proactively brought up Hisense 4K for 4 years warranty as yet another sign of quality product offering. Additionally, reporters who visited other international TV factories’ labs before commented that Hisense’s sound and EMC testing rooms were larger than they had ever seen before.

After the kickoff of the North American Media Tour, reporters have started to write some in-depth reports. Reviewed.com released a review report on Hisense’s RF20N6ASE refrigerator and concluded that “The Hisense RF20N6ASE is better than 62% of the refrigerators we tested”. The article “Hisense Building Brand Presence At Best Buy and Lowe’s” from Twice mentioned that “Hisense, which is first and second, respectively, in TV and refrigerator share in China, will fill the U.S. pipeline from its massive TV factory in Rosarito, Mexio”.

During the executive conference on 26th, Dr. Lin, the president of Hisense International, made an overall introduction of Hisense to present journalists and answered their questions. Hisense, with its rich product lines, wide business scope and great progress of technology innovation, overturned North American journalists’ traditional impression. They pointed out that the “Hisense North American Media Tour” gave them a chance to better understand Hisense. This media tour allowed them to get to know Hisense from different aspects other than its consumer electronics and home appliances business. They realized that Hisense also achieved great success on its new B2B business.